Freitag, 29. Februar 2008


fad tony hat gesagt…

ich rasier mir sofort wieder n schnurrbart
hurray auch für umlackierten schuhe!
und der schlafzimmerblick sowieso - Street style & romance in Paris hat gesagt…

hi dear stylish collègue

i'm kamel, from Paris

i quited TV univers to create a street style blog that shows Paris through street style photo romances.
I like to mixe stories and real styles because it's a way for me to humanize fashion.

after 6 months of street style hunting and bloging, 3000 photos, i've been asked last week if i could create a street style press magazine in Paris for july
i am very glad because it'"s a great challenge and i've never done that before.

ii don't know if you can succed because I hope that everyone could help me
because i'll have to find photos from all over the world
that means creating a network of street style photographers

I'll be glad to switch links with you.
My blog's name is : STYLE AND THE CITY - PARIS

have a look to my photo romances and tell my what you think about.
some stories are translated in english : click the english flag

thank you very much for your new friendship

street style romancer in Paris


ChaosIsMe hat gesagt…

sind die schuhe denn selber lackiert, oder gibt's die irgendwo so zu kaufen??
würd mich mal interessieren..

besucht mal meinen street fashion blog aus Lüneburg:

Jaz hat gesagt…

Hot! :)

Sagmal wo feiert man denn diese Woche in Hamburg? Zwei Schwedinnen zu Besuch, morgen geht der FLug und ab Donnerstag wollen wir und amüsieren. Bars [cosmo!], Clubs [gerne electro], Cafés [songwriter musik] - you name it! (Alter um die 20) - dankbar für eine Antwort im blog -->> check us: A taste of Cosmo, the blog at

love, Stella&Ragdoll

Appeal to the Eye hat gesagt…

nice blog
I would like to exchange links, it could be nice, are you interested in it?

tell me something
this is my blog:

with Love
Verena G

Marta Z. as Fashionistka hat gesagt…

oh that´s very cool :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

top hat gesagt…

I love his silver shoes. He looks stunning on it. And I love his mustache too.

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adecco hat gesagt…

He’s style is so cool like a rock star on a stylish formal outfit. I love his outfit.

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ibrahim hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

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fuckingchic hat gesagt…

Kecke Kette!

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